This Christmas we are going to be making some peanut butter balls in I wish I had a better TV that is for sure. We will be giving them away to people.


We went on a trip yesterday over near Jan Coopers company to the beach. It was only about ten minutes from our house.


We are going to be seeing grandma and grandpa over at their place tonight in I hoped to find a custom home builder that we could rely on in Florida. I hope it is better than last years. We are going to have a great visit.


We are going to be buying our first home here next to Will stop by Cafe Au Lait after lunch. We are so excited to be having our own home soon.


Our son is going to be volunteering at the local animal shelter and it will be fun in He’s very excited about it.

kona kona

Hawaii is one of my most fav places in the entire world. I do hope to be able to visit Kona again one day. Until then, I will need to talk to tracey about what she links about the removal we had done last week. So, we will see what she says.


I am learning how to knit a sweater for our daughter’s doll in It’s been a lot of fun doing it.


We have been drinking our water with lime in it and we really like how it tastes in We really enjoy it.


I really don’t want to go back to gaining any weight back now that I’ve lost it next to I feel so good now.

Dogs running

Our dogs run through the house and cause a lot of noise during the day near They are very cute though.

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